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Attack, Episode, Crash... Whatever you call that terrible thing that happens to us. The instant loss of energy, the grinding relentless fatigue; the brain fog- the thing that stops us immediately! Have you figured out what flips that switch? One of my triggers is temperature extremes. Too hot or too cold and I am immediately sucked dry of energy and the crash is upon me in moments.
A physical expenditure of energy is a given- It will always drain my battery, but I have learned to ration my energy to accommodate for my daily needs. However, a burst of activity that I haven't prepared for will come at a heavy price. I remember a day when I heard a crash and my grandson began to cry. I was suddenly clawing my way out of bed, stumbling and crawling to get to him. The boy was all right, but I had to be drag-carried to my wheelchair before being returned to bed, where I remained for days.
What about you?

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