Too many doctors appointments?

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Lately Ive been feeling so overwhelmed with doctors appointments and medical procedures and medications/supplements and new diagnoses. It just never stops. I know Ive said this all over the place but Ive been sick for over 30 years. For me the me/cfs is progressive. The more the years fly by and the longer Im sick, the more broken down my body and mind become. I mean for example, Ive got six different skin conditions (chronic and incurable of course) that all require separate treatments. Theyre all opportunistic infections because my immune system cant function the way its supposed to. And with each year, the more medical problems I have, the more specialists I have to see.

And Im overwhelmed with medications and supplements that I know I need but which seem to rule my life, and with medical appointments. Between physical therapies, doctors (who basically tell me everything is normal! Not really but sometimes it feels that way) and lab tests, MRIs etc its 3-4 appointments a week! Thank goodness most of them come to my house because Im housebound and going to see the doctor is such an ordeal that I then pay for for days. And none of them get the critical aspect of PEM.

Ok, enough ranting. Im sorry I sound angry. I guess I am. Loosing so manys years- over half my life to this illness sometimes makes me angry. Other times incredibly sad. Most of the time i just go with it and enjoy my very limited and simple day and am grateful for the things I do have. I realized yesterday while meditating just how un-empowered I feel and how out of control my body/mind and life feels. That Ive got to get that empowerment back and make some choices at least about all these appointments. So first thing tomorrow Im going to be on the phone and reschedule a bunch of things. Im tired of just making it through another week. Does anybody else experience this? If not, how do you do it?

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