ME/CFS and perimenopause

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Hi all,

Do any of you have either experience with or second-hand knowledge of the interactions between ME/CFS and perimenopause? I've had ME/CFS since my early 20s and am now slightly into my 40s. I used to think that emotional PMS symptoms were more a stereotype, but over the past few years I've developed for the first time severe emotional reactions immediately before and during my periods, like nonstop crying and feeling hopeless and almost suicidal. This time it came with a lovely almost panic attack, which I've also never experienced before, and several days of anxiety so far. It doesn't happen every month, though, so I forget that it's a thing until it happens again - I finally just set up an app with alerts this month. I've also completely lost any libido for a good couple years now - it was probably low before then, but nothing like now.

I'm thinking this is all hormone-related, for obvious reasons. I'm wondering if anyone here knows about interactions between perimenopause and ME/CFS, or has any personal experiences to share? I know that I've heard before anecdotally that menopause itself can be harder for some people with ME/CFS, since hormone production becomes more reliant on adrenals and those usually aren't in great shape to begin with. I'm interested in anything anyone might have to share around this, but in particular if you know anything that can help severe perimenopausal PMS, I'd love to hear!

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