A Warning About Herbal Teas

4mo ago by MyPatientMatch User

I know this site doesnt have a lot of activity right now but I just wanted to post a personal warning (from experience) about the difference in effects between "calming" tea blends that have chamomile and mint, etc.... and blends that have those ingredients PLUS adaptogen herbs like ginseng or rhodiola. During the daytime or during periods of anxiety, both blends can be helpful, but in my experience, any teas with adaptogens can backfire quite a bit when used at night to help with sleep initiation. For whatever reason, I seem to react to adaptogens in tea in a much more stimulating manner and have incurred insomnia (even when drinking chamomile) via wrong tea choice , rather than helped it. If you are a tea drinker and feel like chamomile and other herbal teas help your symptoms, I advise being very discerning as to what is in your tea blends, especially if they are pre-mixed.

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